Ada BojeDo you experience discomfort, such as:

1. Low back pain
2. Stiff neck and shoulders
3. Achy joints

Are you seeking more comfort and ease in your movements in your everyday activities?

Are you looking for a long-term partner in your commitment to better health and well-being?

Let Ada at Health Touch Massage Center facilitate your journey to comfort.

I believe that the body, mind and spirit are connected, and that massage is a form of exercise having some of the same physiological impacts as physical exercise has on the mind and body.

As an advanced bodyworker, I help you learn how to be more connected to your body. I work with you to recognize  patterns in your movements, thoughts and habits so we can eliminate restrictive patterns to create ease. I incorporate various modalities in my practice to provide you with a unique experience allowing your body, thoughts and emotions to flow, creating unity and balance.

When you leave Health Touch Massage Center, you will feel grounded.  The challenges and worries you carried in will be far behind you.

Ready to Schedule?
In advance of our appointment, I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire about your objectives for the appointment. At the beginning of each session, I will assess your body and look for restrictions. Call or email to schedule today.