About Ada

Ada Boje, Licensed Massage TherapistI’m Ada Boje, a licensed massage therapistĀ focusingĀ on advanced bodywork. I’ve practiced massage therapy in Portland, Oregon since 1994. I studied at Oregon School of Massage in Portland, Oregon and have continued my studies in advanced massage course work throughout the country.

I offer a variety of integrative approaches to massage therapy at Health Touch Massage Center using a variety of modalities including Somassage, myofascial release, The Trager Approach, Muscle Energy and Functional Indirect Techniques.

As a lifelong learner, I strive to learn all that will enhance the lives of those I touch. Each year I take at least two to three classes in advanced bodywork. My most recent accomplishment is becoming a certified Trager practitioner.

I love dragonboat racing, good books, and volunteering at my local chamber of commerce.